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Staffrite is a Kenyan organizational consulting firm.

We work with our clients to design optimal organization structures, roles, and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people and advise them on how to reward and motivate their workforce while developing professionals as they navigate and advance their careers.

We are Nairobi’s go-to recruitment Agency for executive search, IT and Developers, Managers & Specialized roles. We have unmatched innovation in headhunting.


Make our network your network; When you support hundreds of clients around East Africa, you get a good idea of what—and who—an organization needs to succeed. If you’re looking for your next career move, join our candidate community. We can tell you who’s hiring and what you need to get ahead in any role. Search and find your perfect career. Sign up to browse opportunities for free.


Work with an expert recruiter; 

Let our specialized local recruiters promote your role and company to top talent, vet candidate skills, and more to find the right match for your job and company.

Extensive, executive consultation is offered upon engagement. We want to gain the deepest understanding of your company, your requirements, the position, and offer advice to ensure success.

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Staffrite At a Glance

Recruitment can be a confusing and often very expensive and frustrating path for both employers and candidates. Staffrite are the ethical, honest and open alternative to the existing organizations within this sector.

As a leading headhunter agency in Nairobi, we have noticed that the market for highly skilled Kenyan talent has become increasingly sophisticated in the last few years. Gone are the days of placing a simple job board advertisement and receiving tons of qualified replies from candidates for a headhunter company. The active candidate market (those who are actively applying for jobs with employers) has dried up, as the drivers for high-end roles have changed significantly. There is now an ever-increasing pull on Nairobi’s top executives, managers, experts and IT specialists from the following sources:
  • Domestic corporations are growing rapidly, fueled by one of the africa’s top performing economies;
  • A strong domestic start-up culture is emerging, particularly for tech orientated start-ups;
  • Strong growth in the Shared Services, Outsourcing and Offshoring sector is continuing;
  • There is aggressive expansion of Multinational brands entering the Kenyan market to target the new wealth of both consumers and B2B customers;

These drivers ensure that the war to recruit and retain quality talent in the Kenya is fought fiercely. New market entrants and domestic companies alike, no longer have the luxury of quality candidates applying en-mass to their job postings. The majority of the top talent are already employed, earning strong salaries and receiving competitive benefits and bonuses. A new approach has to be taken – and this is using a headhunter agency to recruit the top talent in Kenya.

The good news is that professionals in Nairobi are now more highly trained and exposed to international best practice than ever.

In order to reach them, you need to hire an expert headhunting agency in Nairobi who knows how to source and connect with passive talent (those who are not actively seeking new employment opportunities). If these ideal yet passive candidates can be found and presented with an enticing offer, they may well be open to looking at it more closely.

This is exactly what Bliss HR specializes in as a top headhunter agency in Kenya. Our team of highly trained, professional headhunters has access to our database of over 100,000 executives, managers, experts and IT specialists in Kenya. Additionally, each of our headhunters in Nairobi are internationally trained and certified in the latest passive talent sourcing strategies and online tools for headhunters. All training is specifically adapted to sourcing talent within the Kenyan market. Each recruiter is also highly networked within the communities of professionals from which they headhunt Kenyan talent. They operate and participate in community outreach programs by providing career advice to professionals at networking events, via blogs, social media and personal consultations. For this reason, our headhunters are not just viewed as “poachers’ from their industry specialization, but as active community participants. This means, when we pick up the phone to target top, passive candidates or network multipliers for our clients, they answer the phone, and we get results.

Our passive talent headhunting capabilities, combined with our commitment to innovation in headhunting methodologies and technologies, ensures we can reach a further 60% of the market for candidates than other headhunting companies, who rely heavily on job boards and LinkedIn. When you add our unique understanding of bigger picture business drivers and our deeply consultative, relationship driven approach, we can ensure to fill your toughest recruitment needs in Kenya.