Team Search

Team Search

Plan to hire 4 or more positions? This saves you on initial (deductible) fees as you can hire up to 10 positions under one lower all-inclusive fee. Whether you have any combination of Junior, Expert, IT & Tech, Managerial or Executive requirements, the Team Search has you covered!

Are you looking at headhunting a team for the first time in Kenya? Or are you expanding an existing team with several different positions to fill? Look no further! Staffrite is not only the top recruitment firm in Kenya for creating and growing specialist teams, but we have a product especially for it!

This is our premier service to recruit the following positions: Any IT Technologies; Project Management, Software Development, Digital Marketing roles; IT Infrastructure; Software Support; Content Writer; Designer. Also used for Construction; Engineering; Architect; CPA; Accountant; Finance; Auditor; HR; Human Resources; Marketing; Sales; Administrator; Personal Assistant; Executive Assistant; Virtual Assistant; English Communication Specialists positions. Plus Logistics; Shipping; Hospitality; HRM; Telecommunications; Retail industries. Other positions and industries can be accommodated, if you didn’t see your requirements listed.

Please read below to find out more about this service for building great teams with our proven track record!

Alternatively, please click here to review our other search services, each has a different rate and key terms for Expatriate roles, Managerial roles, IT & Expert roles, Junior roles or our Team Search service.

Staffrite has become known as the “go-to” recruitment firm in Kenya for delivering the “needle in a haystack” and “best in class” candidates.

Especially when you need to hire a technical expert in a specialized industry or profession. We have the expertise, track record and the specialized headhunters to solve your expert and technical recruitment needs in Nairobi!

Our recruitment consultants are a special breed! They “live and breathe” our clients’ most specialized recruitment needs. They become deeply immersed in the required industries and skill sets, and forge relationships to multiply their network of referrers and candidates for their entire career.

Every technical recruiter at Staffrite is a business professional who contributes ideas, advice and network connections to their highly specialized communities of experts. They are visible at events, in forums and community programs. They forge long-lasting relationships with the candidates you wish to target.

Recruiting for technical and expert talent in Nairobi requires a different approach. Posting advertisements to classified sites and job portals does not produce high-caliber results. Instead, our technical recruiters use talent mapping and deep-search techniques to identify highly targeted candidates within the top, target companies. They present your opportunity to these candidates who cannot be reached or identified by standard recruitment techniques and advertising. This pure headhunting approach is what separates Staffrite from the rest!

Package Terms

  • Success Fee
    The success fee is only billed after hire and is calculated based upon the service category each hired position fits into: Ksh 100% one-month gross salary per candidate.
  • Consultation
    Extensive, executive consultation is offered upon engagement. We want to gain the deepest understanding of your company, your requirements, the position, and offer advice to ensure success.
  • Free Replacement
    We offer free replacement candidates if things don’t work out.
  • Approach
    Our consultative, detailed and relationship-orientated approach requires 30 days of recruitment exclusivity (see FAQs). In return, we guarantee to get you results!