CV Writing

CV Writing

Your CV is the passport to your professional future. The right one will bypass the technology and the initial 5-second human scan to earmark you for your target role. Isn’t that what a great CV is all about?

Sometimes writing your own CV doesn’t come naturally.  A professionally researched CV will benefit from fresh eyes and industry insight. It will articulate your distinctive skills and attributes in a way that shows the value you bring to your future employer.

Our team adopts a nuanced and strategic approach, which fuses market knowledge with a deep understanding of recruitment techniques. Our specialist CV writers are also talented interviewers, who will draw out your individual strengths to build your personal brand and create a compelling CV story.

Our process is life-changing

It involves a comprehensive online/virtual video consultation with an expert, who has spent years perfecting a strategic approach to crafting CVs and who genuinely cares about you and your future success. Wherever you are in your career – Board, Executive or Professional – investing in our CV writing service will help you to:

Secure a role faster:

Learning how to market yourself on paper takes expertise, practice and years of training. We create your CV from start to finish in 7 working days. We also offer a 48-hour express service.

Mitigate your daily opportunity cost:

Maintaining the status quo has a negative impact on your financial and psychological well-being. Our clients can profit from a healthy return on investment within a week of starting their new role whilst retaining their sanity.

Increase your earnings:

Your new CV will position you as a competitive candidate, a formidable contender for roles with higher remuneration and greater authority.

Transforming Careers

Investing in your career today has an accumulator effect, reaping rewards now and in the future. You could be stepping into a fulfilling new role, well-deserved promotion, or pursuing a completely new direction within weeks by simply taking that first step with us. We transform careers.


“Looking to reach the next level in my career, I found that despite my technical competency, I wasn’t best placed to communicate how my particular skill set would translate to the executive level. Initially skeptical of the merit of a professional CV review, I arrived at Bliss HR after realizing that the conversion rate for my applications was around 7% – not great.

The consultant I was given, Alex, who, contrary to my rather arrogant assumption, knew my industry backwards, and was able to walk me through my profile from the perspective of my target employers, and through one-to-one conversation, iterated through until we had a CV that communicated exactly what was needed – no more, no less.

The effect was immediate, with my conversion rate skyrocketing to 40%, 4 job offers, and ultimately a 38% salary increase.

Naturally, I now consider the services of Bliss HR as essential to my career progression as networking and conventional CPD. An absolute no-brainer, worth every penny – cannot recommend strongly enough.”

AGENCY 254, IT Project Manager