Our commitment is what sets us apart:

Top Recruitment Agency in Kenya that Proudly Leads Innovation for Talent Sourcing and Headhunting.
Our dedication to innovation, excellence and service means that we will provide you with unrivaled candidate outcomes. Outcomes that will solve your most challenging recruitment needs with the most comprehensive candidate guarantees provided in Kenya.
  • Database & Community

    250,000+ Candidates: Executives, Managers, IT roles & experts. Plus unique community outreach programs run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus. Simply the top recruitment agency database ever curated!

  • Certified Headhunters

    A recruitment agency that does not rely on job postings! We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing. Each of our recruiters are internationally certified in the latest sourcing strategies and they discover and engage more candidates.

  • Business Driven Approach

    We invest time to align a tailored sourcing strategy with your strategic business objectives. The top recruitment agency with expertise in multinational expansion, corporate recruitment, plus first hires & growth for tech & start-up companies.

  • Market Entry Strategy

    New to Kenya? We have been the exclusive recruitment agency partner for over 100+ multinationals, corporations & start-ups entering the Kenyan market. Our recruitment agency specializes in recruiting first hires & building core teams.


Our Market Leading Solutions

Each recruitment service has a transparent, unique and competitive fee structure and terms, and is delivered by a certified, professional recruiter in Kenya.

  • Recruit all IT roles, all software developer roles, all digital marketing, and technical positions

  • Recruit C-level, VP, Country Manager, Director, General Manager & other managerial positions

  • Recruit 4 or more positions, with any combination of Junior, IT, Expert, managerial, or executive roles

  • Recruit all entry-level roles including trainees, executive assistants, and basic support staff


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