Customer Experience Manager Job

Full time @Staffrite

Job Description

Reporting to:  CEO/Director

Workstation:   Nairobi, Head Office

Assignment Summary

This is a salaried assignment, to be carried out as per the terms hereunder.

  • You are responsible for the company’s customer experience delivery.
  • The customer promise that the company wants its customers to experience is primarily discharged by its sales team, supported by the support teams in operations and finance, as well as executive.
  • The job of the customer experience manager is to monitor the experience by contacting customers at every stage of their interaction with the company to ensure they are experiencing the best of our service.
  • You will give feedback, and reports as directed by management.
  • You will make recommendations for the enrichment of our service, and you will direct the sales personnel on areas of improvement.
  • You will be the face of our customer experience to the customers, and you will be the customers’ advocate to the company and its employees.
  • This is a one-year contract. There is however, an initial probation period of three months to be served in accordance with the law.

Compliance with Company Policies, Protocol and Procedures.

  • Management shall issue guidelines on material aspects of employment and business interactions and conduct from time to time.
  • You are to ensure that you are complying therewith to the letter.

Core Duties

  • Your primary duty is to apply your skills as a professional to serve the customers of the company with diligence and faithfulness.
  • You are also to monitor and ensure that the rest of the team is serving the customers at the highest level of customer service and delivering on the company promise to the customers.

The Basic Rules and Protocols

  1.  The company shall develop appropriate tour experience packages, and this shall be the primary product on sale to the customers.
  2. The company has built a brand that attracts customers to make inquiries. Your team will receive such inquiries.

The Team and Its Roles

  1. A customer experience officer working under you will undertake the preliminary interaction with the customer at that point, entering the customer particulars into the core CRM system, and assigning such customer to a tour consultant.
  2. Such officer will give preliminary feedback to the customer, giving particulars of the tour consultant you have assigned the customer.
  3. He/she shall also engage customers on the even of their travel, during their holidays and afterwards.

You will supervise that officer and ensure she is doing her work in accordance with the company rules, turn-around times, and performing at optimal levels.

4. A second customer experience officer under you will undertake daily follow up of clients that have been assigned to the sales team to ensure they are served within company rules, timelines and standards.

You will equally, supervise that officer and ensure she is doing her work in accordance with the company rules, turn-around times, and performing at optimal levels.

The company may also assign such other officers under the customer experience department to your supervision, and when that happens, you will ensure they carry                                  out their job descriptions in accordance with the stated expectations.


When customers are assigned to the sales team, there are several outcomes that we see:

  • Successful Sales
  •  New instructions (variations in the needs of the customer)
  •  Loss of the lead

It is your core mandate to take up the customer interaction from the point at which they have received a quotation from a tour consultant in the sales team.

You will seek to gather customer feedback about

  1. The service they have received,
  2. The competitiveness of our quote,
  3. What they would need to ease their making a choice,
  4. The time they may need,
  5. Any further/other service they may require, and
  6. All other relevant information touching on our service.

With a view to maximising our conversion, and make certain that the customers appreciate our service and give us helpful feedback to enable us improve.

You will from your interactions with the customers, set straight the sales team’s record of our customer service outcomes, and give the executive management a true picture of our sales service.

You will be trained on how to conduct your work, yourself and your interactions with every aspect of the business.

You will be supplied with the tools to enable you work successfully. Among these will be a laptop and a mobile phone.

We work from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, and from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturdays.

You are entitled to leave in accordance with the law.

Administrative Obligations:

  • You are responsible for making the best of your position, your office, and planning your daily tasks to achieve the objectives set forth for you by the company.
  • At the end of every period pre-determined by the company, you shall file with management such work return reports as shall indicate your productivity in measurable terms.
  • You will be measured in terms of your achievement of the objectives set for you.
  • You will submit to scheduled performance appraisals and ensure competency and training gaps recommended are addressed.
  • You will perform to the best of your ability any other duty that may be assigned to you.


Good Faith, Confidentiality and Loyalty

  • In addition to your core duties, your job entails knowledge about the company and its clients that is unavailable to you otherwise than by this employment.
  • You are under a legal obligation to treat information that comes to you with utmost confidence, and not to divulge any of it to third parties.
  • Any breach of confidential information regarding the company, its operations, its customers, and any information touching on them shall be prosecuted at law against you to the fullest extent of the law.
  • The company shall assign to you resources to enable you undertake you work effectively. You shall be under an obligation to use such resources as directed by management.

Customer Complaints

  • It is expected that there shall be no complaints regarding your conduct in the interactions with the company’s customers.
  • You are nonetheless to report immediately any customer complaint of any nature to management.
  • You will be trained and assisted in the manner of addressing customer complaints, and shall not address or redress any customer complaint except as directed and guided by the management.
  • A register of customer complaints against your service shall be kept by the customer, and it is a measure of performance and a determinant of progress in your employment.


  • You are on a three-month-long probation. During that time, you are on a net pay of Kshs 60,000/=. Upon successful completion of your probation, the company shall discuss your remuneration for the rest of your employment duration and issue you with a formal contract.

Performance Incentives

  • The company shall award you a performance incentive to recognize excellence. This shall be in the form of a monthly commission, cash rewards, allowances, free tours, shopping vouchers or such other means of reward as management may recommend.

Discipline and Termination

  • You will be expected to be in office on all working days (Monday to Friday), from 8.00 am in the morning, to 5.00 pm in the evening, and on Saturdays between 9.00 am to 01.00 pm. You are entitled to such refreshment (lunch) breaks, annual leave and scheduled leave(s) and absences that are otherwise available to persons in employment in Kenya.

Even then, this is a performance led assignment. Between the hours within which you are engaged, it is expected that you shall carry out your set tasks to completion, otherwise you must not leave until your work is done.

Moreover, this is the service industry, and customers are at liberty to get in touch with the company and/or its staff at all times that is convenient to them. We are beholden to serve them to the best of our ability when they choose to be available.

  • It is expected that you shall be diligent and shall serve the company in good faith.
  • Cases of indiscipline, customer disservice, fraud, dishonesty, insubordination, slothfulness, misuse of company resources, unjustifiable absenteeism, breach of the company codes of discipline, and misconduct shall not be tolerated. Whereas the company prefers to keep long term employment relationships and develop talent, indiscipline and unruly conduct is disruptive to business, and we owe it to all the people who have invested their hopes into the success of the company to safeguard their stake-holding. Observing rules of fairness and natural justice, the company reserves the right to summarily dismiss you for gross misconduct, and to terminate your employment for other misconduct.
  • We may elect to terminate this contract upon your breach or non-performance in accordance with the law and the company rules and regulations, but in such case, you shall be given every opportunity to redress the breach/performance, and given adequate notice.

Academic qualifications:

  1. Excellent analytical and negotiation skills
  2. Good communicator- oral and written
  3. At least three years’ experience in a similar role
  4. A degree in tourism/travel
  5. Good organizational skills and highly efficient
  6. Knowledge of the Bountiful Safaris products and general proficiency in business sales and management (we will train you)
  7. Excellent knowledge and application of computer use.
  8. An overall positive attitude to work, customers, colleagues, and all assignments.
  9. Ability to manage difficult clients calmly and with respect.

Application Process:

To apply for this position, please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject (Customer Experience Manager Job) to  before 25th, February 2024.

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